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Keep Your Business Protected with Landscaping Business Insurance

Do you run a landscaping company and want the most complete and comprehensive green industry insurance to protect your business? Consider purchasing landscapers’ insurance, also known as landscaping business insurance.

Follmer Insurance Services has provided landscapers’ liability insurance to businesses in Ann Arbor, South Lyon, Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, and the surrounding areas since 2000. With our gardening company protection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

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Landscaper’s Insurance: Tailored Protection for Green Industry Professionals

What is landscapers’ insurance? If you’re a landscaping or gardening contractor, it can protect your business from damages if accidents happen or your team makes a mistake. You can customize your landscaping business insurance, and policies commonly cover the following events and more:

  • Damage to your business vehicle
  • Damage to a client’s or third-party’s property
  • Injuries to employees or clients that happen while working
  • Damage to your equipment
  • Theft of supplies or materials

With a landscape contractor insurance policy, you protect your business’s financial future against careless workers, malicious thieves, and acts of God.


Lawn Mower with Landscaping Insurance in Brighton

Landscaping Business Insurance: Safeguarding Ventures in the Horticultural Industry

You can purchase several different types of landscaping business coverage. Experts suggest having as much coverage as possible, but the team at Follmer Insurance Services can help determine the best coverage for your business. Choose from among the following types of outdoor services insurance:

  • General liability covers personal injury, property damage, and other issues your workers cause to other people or their property. Some jurisdictions require you to have this insurance to take on clients.
  • Commercial auto: You need your vehicle to transport supplies, other cars, and employees. Commercial auto insurance covers damage to your vehicle.
  • Business owner’s policy: This type of coverage rolls in liability with protection for commercial buildings and personal property. 
  • Workers’ compensation: Every business should have workers’ compensation because it helps workers pay for medical bills if they experience an injury.
  • Umbrella policy: A commercial umbrella policy has higher limits and broader coverage and could save your business if a client or employee wins a legal case against you.

When you need landscapers’ insurance in Ann Arbor, South Lyon, Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, and the surrounding areas, reach out to Follmer Insurance Services. If you still have questions about landscaping business insurance, we’ll take the time you need to answer them and educate you.

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