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If you rent an apartment or a house in Brighton, South Lyon, Howell, Pinckney, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas, do you have renters insurance? There is a surprising number of people who rent but who, for various reasons, have not gotten renters insurance for their belongings. At Follmer Insurance Services we want to help people protect what they have invested in, and that includes renters. Just because someone rents a home instead of owning the home doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything of value. Contact our team of independent insurance agents today to learn more about renters insurance and how important it can be.

Why Renters Opt to Not Have Renters Insurance

There are some renters that have the mistaken belief that their landlord needs to provide the insurance protection for their possessions, or that the insurance that the landlord already has extends to the renter’s belongings. Landlords only have insurance protection for the structure itself, not for any of the renter’s belongings. Some tenants believe that the cost of renters insurance will make it unaffordable to them, but the truth is that renters insurance is one of the most affordable insurances available.

Some renters believe that what they own isn’t worth insuring, that they need to have something more valuable to warrant having renters insurance. The truth is that everyday belongings can add up quickly, and to a greater amount than what most people assume. Others think that insurance companies are only there to profit from people, but the truth is that replacing all of those items after a disaster would be out of reach of most renters, but insurance would allow you to replace them quickly.

Encourage Renters to Get Renters Insurance

It is an interesting exercise for those who rent to go through and add up all of the items that they have purchased. From the flat screen television to the laptop, game system, smart watch, clothes, furniture, cups, bowls, plates, microwave, and hundreds of other items they own, as the amount continues to climb you can see that they are registering just what losing it all could mean to them financially. And then to look at what a small renters insurance policy would cost to cover all of those items will help renters realize that insurance is a smart move.

Many people rent for a variety of reasons in Brighton, South Lyon, Howell, Pinckney, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas, but this doesn’t mean that they should ignore the possibility that they could lose what they own and have no good means to replace it all. Make the call to Follmer Insurance Services today to get several quotes for renters insurance from the many insurance companies that we represent and protect the things you own from being destroyed.

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