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Your business relies on your commercial vehicles for deliveries, commutes to and from customers, and a range of other tasks. But every time your employees get behind the wheel, they are at risk of a serious accident that compromises your business’s revenue.

With commercial auto insurance from Follmer Insurance – Your Insurance Solutions Agency you can gain peace of mind that in the event of a serious accident, your business’s financial health won’t be put on the line. Contact us for commercial vehicle insurance that uniquely addresses your business’s vehicle usage and budget.

Fleet Insurance

If your business has more than one commercial vehicle, we may recommend fleet insurance instead of a typical commercial auto insurance policy. Fleet insurance covers several business vehicles under a single policy. It simplifies the process of insuring your business’s vehicles by:

  • Reducing the number of insurance policies for you to keep track of
  • Making it easy to add and remove business vehicles
  • Allowing you to quickly add new drivers as you hire and replace employees
  • Letting you insure all drivers to operate all vehicles

Fleet insurance includes these two main types of coverage:

  • Automobile liability insurance, which covers bodily injuries and property damage another driver experiences due to your employee in an accident
  • Automobile physical damage, which covers damage to your commercial vehicle after any kind of collision or accident

We can customize your commercial auto liability insurance to suit your budget and give you ultimate peace of mind. The cost of your fleet insurance policy will depend on numerous factors, such as:

  • The type of vehicles
  • The number of vehicles in the fleet
  • Your industry
  • Any prior collision history

As an insurance agency, we have the opportunity to quote your policy with different insurance providers and identify the most affordable yet comprehensive fleet coverage option. Choose Follmer Insurance – Your Insurance Solutions Agency for fleet insurance in Brighton, South Lyon, Howell, Pinckney, Ann Arbor, MI, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

No matter your type of business, we’ll recommend a policy that covers all of your driving activities. We regularly insure the following types of commercial vehicles:

  • Heavy trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Food trucks
  • For-hire liveries
  • Rideshare vehicles
  • Delivery trucks

Having adequate commercial auto insurance can help your business weather any storm you experience while on the road. Contact Follmer Insurance – Your Insurance Solutions Agency to request your free commercial auto insurance quote in Brighton, South Lyon, Howell, Pinckney, Ann Arbor, MI, or the surrounding areas.

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